Spirit and Truth Hosts Mobile Pantry

Written by  Friday, 10 January 2014 16:38

We are past the holidays, but the need for food doesn’t go away when the holidays are over, there are always people who need food and supplies just to get to the next day. You always hear about charities and churches working hard during the holidays, but we miss out on the moments where these charities are taking place during the year. Today, we fulfill that need by giving you one event where a local church here in Statesboro is working with a national organization to bring food to people who are practically drowning under the poverty line. How this movement began and where it could go after these messages.


Welcome to Georgia Eagle Media’s evening news, I’m Vincent Garrett. A local church took a major step in helping the community be fed and inspired today as Spirit and Truth Worship ministries in downtown Statesboro partnered with America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia to distribute free food for low income families, the elderly, and the unemployed today. This is the third year of the event and according to Frank McNiel, who delivers to 21 counties the numbers have been increasing each year, and there is an interesting reason why.


“The numbers are going up every year because inflation is moving faster than people’s pay, so the poverty line is moving up and those numbers are increasing every year,” he said.

Pastor Paul Reggie Johnson told me how the event came together and how it has grown since its inception. He also explained to me how they aim to not only feed the needy, but inspire them as well.

“It was very hard to find enough volunteers in the beginning, he said, “but as the word got out, churches sent members to help and now we have more hands than work.”

I also spoke to volunteer Brenda Mack who has seen the event at its beginning and she told me the best part of joining an event like this.

“The best part for me is just seeing people who are in need get fed,” said Mack.

For more information and to find out how you can help, contact Spirit and Truth Worship Center at 912-376-9128, find them on Facebook, or refer to their website at www.spiritandtruthstatesboro.com.


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