KKK group disbands

Written by  Tuesday, 07 January 2014 09:23

  A U. S. District Court in Virginia sentenced 30 year old Michael Lee Fullmore to more than four years in prison for a guilty plea to providing a firearm to a convicted felon as part of his plan to foster acts of violence against a Catholic church in Claxton.  He was upset with the church’s work with the Hispanic community.  He also wanted to raise money to support a “subgroup” of the Klan to purchase firearms to use against minority groups.


  David Storm, “Exalted Cyclops” with the Virginia Knight Riders, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, posted a statement on line Saturday claiming that the group had been disbanded.  The statement referred to a recent article in Statesboro Herald about Fullmore’s conviction.  The statement disavowed any intention of the group to be involved in any illegal activity in the Klan’s agenda. 


  Storm called Fullmore a “rogue Klansman” and denied any support with such activities now or in the future.  He said the Klan does not tolerate such actions and relies on what he called “the legal right way” to advance the Klan’s agenda.  The official decision can be seen online at www.knightriderskkk.org , Storm said.



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